Eris; is an engineering company that makes robot and automation applications to the general industry.

With the Minitend, Ringloader and Tendvision models it has developed, it offers ready to use automation solutions for the machining industry.

Proven CNC Automation

The simplest form of CNC automation;

√ More than 100 installed systems are a guarantee that a working system is preferred.
√ These systems, which are not designed for one piece, allow you to use a wide variety of parts within the system.
√ Transition from one track to another is very easy thanks to the user interface.

Project-specific robot automation solutions for general industry

Special processes require special solutions;

CNC automation solutions suitable for high-volume production are offered for industries such as automotive, agriculture and aviation.
For example:
√ Tool feeding to one or more CNC machines
√ Parts feeding to one or more CNC machines
√ Pallet handling to one or more CNC machines