“M” stands for Modularity.

The MD4000 is one of the systems installed on the newly developed M platform. “M” stands for Modularity. This platform contains several systems on a single body. In this way, 85% of different kinds of systems are ensured to be the same. This creates advantages such as maintaining user habits, taking up less space, and reducing purchasing costs due to production.

The MD4000 is an easy-to-change fixtured part loading system. The number of fixtures can be increased according to the part dimensions. The system can feed any kind of work piece to any kind of machine.

Minimum part diametermm10
Maximum part diametermm150
Maximum piece lengthmm110
Number of stationsadet4
Station carrying capacitykg200
Air requirementbar6
Robot payloadkg10-12
Steel construction chassisadet1
Automatic floor systemadet1
500x500mm usable fixture areaadet4
Pneumatic air conditioning system (Max. 7bar)adet1
Pneumatic valve setadet1
Integrated electrical paneladet1
Robot-Human security measuresset1
PLC and touch control paneladet1
Robot gripper mounting flangeadet1
Gripper and accessoriesadet2
Machinable gripper footadet12
Simple piece reversing systemadet1
CNC – Robot communication interfaceset1
Special software developed for all kinds of CNC loading  
Dialog Programming  
Language option  

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