Its simplicity in design is also reflected in the use of Minitend.

Minitend, which is the standard machine feeding system, is a robotic automation system that reduces labor costs by up to 90% and increases production numbers by up to 60%. The simplicity of Minitend’s design is reflected in its ease of use. Within minutes, a new part can be adapted and unmanned operation can be started. User-friendly, compact and accessible, Minitend is the simplest loading solution you can come across with these features. Minitend, which is a standard machine feeding system, allows feeding more than one machine.

Minimum part diametermm10
Maximum part diametermm250
Maximum piece lengthmm150
Number of stationspiece2
Station carrying capacitykg200
Air requirementbar6
Robot payloadkg7-25
Steel construction chassispiece1
Automatic double table systempiece1
700x500mm usable fixture areapiece2
Pneumatic air conditioning system (Max. 7bar)piece1
Pneumatic valve setpiece1
Integrated electrical panelpiece1
Robot-Human security measuresset1
PLC and touch control panelpiece1
Robot gripper mounting flangepiece1
Gripper and accessoriespiece2
Machinable gripper footpiece12
Simple piece reversing systempiece1
CNC – Robot communication interfaceset1
Special software developed for all kinds of CNC loading  
Dialog Programming  
Language option  

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