Ideal solution for ring type parts; Ringloader​

Ringloader is the ideal feeding system solution for parts with low height. It allows the operator to decrease the frequency of coming to the counter up to once per shift.
The system is designed for lathes and gear benches. Adjusting parts of different diameters is just one
with the adjustment lever. It does not require fixtures or apparatus.
Ringloader has different models according to workpiece dimensions.
In this series, more than one CNC can be fed if the same part is processed.

Minimum part diametermm55
Maximum part diametermm260
Station heightmm450
Number of stationspiece12
Station carrying capacitykg150
Air requirementbar6
Robot carrying capacity suitable for the systemkg10-150
Steel Construction Chassispiece1
Pneumatic air conditioning system (Max. 7bar)piece1
Pneumatic valve setpiece1
Integrated electrical panelpiece1
Robot-Human security measuresset1
PLC and Touch Control Panelpiece1
PLC and touch control panelpiece1
Robot gripper mounting flangepiece1
Gripper and accessoriespiece2
Machinable gripper footpiece12
Simple piece reversing systempiece1
CNC – Robot communication interfaceset1
Special software developed for all kinds of CNC feeding  
Dialog programming  
Language option  

Example applicaitons