Its simplicity in design is also reflected in the use of Minitend.

The MINITEND standard machine feeding system is a robotic automation system that reduces labor costs by up to 90% and increases production numbers by up to 60%.

“M” stands for Modularity.

The MC2500 is one of the systems installed on the newly developed M platform. “M” stands for Modularity. This platform contains several systems on a single body. In this way, 85% of different kinds of systems are ensured to be the same. This creates advantages such as maintaining user habits, taking up less space, and reducing purchasing costs due to production.

The MC2500 is an intelligent machine feed solution with a camera. Mechanical adjustment has been eliminated in order to simplify working on different parts. The system can feed any workpiece that can balance itself to any type of machine.

Tendvision: the smartest machine feeding solution on the market.

Mechanical adjustment is eliminated to facilitate working with different parts. Loading and unloading conveyors can be easily designed according to the location in your factory. The system can feed any workpiece that is balanced on a flat surface to any machine.

Ideal solution for ring type parts; ringloader

RINGLOADER is the ideal feeding system solution for parts with low part heights. It allows the operator to reduce the frequency of coming to the CNC up to 1 time per shift. The system is designed for lathes. Parts of different diameters are adjusted with a single adjustment lever. No fixtures or apparatus required.