Tendvision: the smartest machine feeding solution on the market.​

Tendvision is the smart machine feeding solution. in different parts mechanical adjustment is eliminated to simplify operation.
has been removed.
Loading and unloading conveyors to your place in the factory
can be easily designed accordingly.
The system can balance all kinds of workpieces on its own.
It can feed any kind of machine.
With the development of technology, the change in machine tools
Tendvision, for flexible and cost-effective production
standardized to meet increasing requirements.

Minimum part diametermm20
Maximum part diametermm600
Maximum piece lengthmm200
Loading conveyor lengthmm3000
Unloading conveyor lengthmm3750
Conveyor carrying capacitykg300
Air requirementbar6
Robot carrying capacity suitable for the systemkg10-150
Loading conveyorpiece1
Unloading conveyorpiece1
Lighting and camera stationpiece1
Pneumatic air conditioning system (Max. 7bar)piece1
Pneumatic valve setpiece1
Integrated electrical panelpiece1
Robot-Human security measuresset1
PLC and touch control panelpiece1
Robot gripper mounting flangepiece1
Gripper and accessoriespiece2
Machinable gripper footpiece12
Simple piece reversing systempiece1
CNC – Robot communication interfaceset1
Special software developed for all kinds of CNC feeding  
Dialog programming  
Language option  

Example applications